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2021 Fair August 4 - 8

Commercial Exhibitors/Vendors

Fair Commercial Exhibitors/Vendors

Grays Harbor County Fair Vendor Information

Commercial Exhibitors/Vendor Applications Welcome

Grays Harbor County Fair Vendor Information

Thank you for your interest in a commercial vendor, exhibitor, or concession booth at the 2020 Grays Harbor County Fair, scheduled for August 5-9th. We’ve, again, planned an exciting 5 days of fun and non-stop entertainment, rides, food, exhibits and more. In 2019, our Fair experienced attendance of over 72,000 fairgoers. We are working hard toward the goal of having even greater success in 2020. We are especially excited about the entertainment line-up for this year’s Fair.

If you are interested in being a vendor at this year's Fair, please complete the vendor application and return it to us as soon as possible. Be sure to include photos of your booth and information regarding your product(s) and/or service(s). All submission material becomes the property of the Grays Harbor County Fair and will not be returned.


All applications go through a selection process. Applicants are not decided on a first come, first served basis. However, returning vendors are given special consideration. Applications are reviewed and selections are offered based on the following criteria:

*Product balance within Fairgrounds
*Uniqueness and appeal of product
*Attractiveness of display

Location is determined by Fair Management. Large exhibits and activities may be designated to specific areas as determined by the Fair Management. The Grays Harbor County Fair does not offer exclusivity of product to any vendor.


Agreements are issued in the spring and are due with payment. Payment may be made by cash, check, or cashier's check. Bank Cards are NOT accepted. Failure to pay by dates due shall result in forfeiture of space. Should your company be invited to participate in the Fair, an agreement valid for the 2020 Fair will be issued. Exhibitors must provide a certificate of insurance in the amount specified in the Space Agreement (Typically $1,000,000) or may purchase insurance through the Fair for a fee of $150.00.


Indoor Booth Spaces are available to exhibitors for move-in and set-up on the Monday and Tuesday prior to Fair. Pipe and drape are provided to inside booths. No tables or chairs are provided. Public Address Systems are allowed in designated spaces, with prior approval from Fair Management, and must be included in the Space Agreement. Buildings have limited overnight security beginning Tuesday before Fair through the last night of Fair (Saturday). Theft and loss is the responsibility of the exhibitor.

For Outside Booth Spaces, canopies or tents are the responsibility of the exhibitor. Exhibitor's canopies are allowed, provided they meet or exceed the Fire Marshal's requirements. All outside locations are subject to environmental conditions (rain, sun, wind, humidity, etc.). If subfloor is built, the exhibitor must provide ramping for wheelchair/handicap access with a minimum slope of 12" run for each 1" rise (1/12 slope). All temporary or mobile structures must be ADA compliant.


Weekly camping permits are available for the 2020 Grays Harbor County Fair. All camping vehicles and tents must have the special Grays Harbor Fairgrounds Camping Permit displayed at all times during the County Fair. All camping units are expected to pay the camping fee. Camping is available in the campground located on the east end of the fairgrounds near the horse barns. If space allows and you desire to camp with your booth, permission must also be approved in advance, by the Fair Management, and any applicable fees must be paid in advance. For pricing and more infomation please read and
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