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Department G – Gardening & Environmental Sciences

Exhibitor Information

How to Enter an OPEN CLASS Exhibit at the 2024 GHC Fair:
  1. Determine what you will enter by looking through the 2024 Exhibitor Book*. Please be sure to read any special requirements, entry limits, entry days/times and other information that applies specifically to individual departments.
  2. Take note of entry days/times listed below, and in the 2024 Exhibitor Book.
  3. Fill out an entry form. (Entry Forms will also be provided on entry days)
  4. Bring your entry & entry form to the GHC Fairgrounds on the assigned entry day!
  5. Deliver your entry to the correct building or barn. (Listed in the 2024 Exhibitor Book)
  6. When in doubt, check the 2024 Exhibitor Book!

Congratulations! If you have completed all these steps, you have successfully entered an Open Class Exhibit in the 2024 Grays Harbor County Fair!

*Department Specific Information can be found below.

Entry Days/Times:

Still Life:
Saturday, July 27 from 10am-12pm
Sunday, July 27 from 10am-6pm

Baked Foods:
Tuesday, July 30 from 10am-2pm
Gardening, Flowers, & Vintage Equipment:
Tuesday, July 30 from 2pm-7pm

Entry Day/Time & More

All entries are due to the Grays Harbor Agriculture Building on Tuesday, July 30th, before the Fair, from 2PM to 7PM.

All entries and ribbons will be released on Sunday, August 4th, 2024, following the closing day of the Fair.

All useable produce remaining after 7:00 p.m. will be donated to a local food bank.

Arrangements for picking up hay bales, wheelbarrows, container edible plants, and other large display items must be pre-arranged with the Superintendent prior to
Sunday, July 28th, 2024.

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